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    Refund Policy

    The following terms and conditions of tuition fee refund have been established by the Higher Authorities of International European University.
    Refunds will not be approved where no special circumstances exist. A lack of knowledge or understanding of administrative requirements or deadlines is not considered to be special circumstances beyond a person’s control.

    The Invitation Letter fee of €200 is not refundable. A fixed amount of €100 for bank and other handling charges is deducted from the tuition fee.

    The tuition fee is non-refundable, with the exception of the following instances:

    • The tuition fee is non-refundable, with the exception of when a student was refused a visa as understood by Act of June 13, 2003 on foreign individuals (UOC) regulations.

    In a situation when the transaction of refunding tuition fee to the candidate’s bank account is rejected as a result of giving faulty banking data, then the consecutive transaction, less the cost of another bank transfer, will be made to the amount calculated in accordance with average exchange rate of the Polish National Bank on the day the transfer was rejected

    Below, please find the list of necessary documents which have to be submitted to start tuition fee refund process:

    1)Appropriate document with justification (e.g. visa refusal letter from Embassy.

    2) The candidate’s official request of refunding the tuition fee

    3)The following bank account details:

    • bank’s name:
    • bank’s address:
    • country of the bank:
    • SWIFT code:
    • account number (in the correct IBAN format if required in the beneficiary’s country):
    • name and surname of the beneficiary (owner of the account):
    • beneficiary’s address:
    • beneficiary’s country:
    • the currency of the account:
      Please note!
    • Each refund has to be justified. In case of no special circumstances exist University has right to reject to refund the tuition fee
    • Duration of the refund process depends on the period of the semester. The procedure will start after the visa documents issued by the University expire which will be after the closure of the intake.
    • In the case of incorrect data/rejection by the bank transaction costs resulting from: subsequent transactions, losses due to exchange rate differences, fees charged by a foreign bank bears the beneficiary
    • If the transaction of reimbursement for education on the beneficiary’s account is rejected, then the next transaction will be made for the amount calculated on the basis of the average NBP exchange rate from the day on which the transfer was rejected.

    Students Feedback

    • Ndahafa Petrus

      Namibia, School of IT, Freshman

      The European School of IT at the International European University is what you need to start your career as a Web Developer and work with the best IT organization in Europe. I was provided with all the necessary sources of information and technologies to obtain learning material faster and more enjoyable. The most important for me was that I have an opportunity to get practical experience of using my knowledge and skills to cause with help of a big amount of necessary technical equipment and VLE. I am happy to be here and work for my future!

    • Huma Farooqi

      Pakistan, School of IT, Second-Year Student

      I was very glad to be able to enter the International European University in Poland. It seemed to me that I would have a lot of problems with the transfer and would not be able to transfer all my credits, but the university administration helped me throughout these processes, explaining to me where I will live and study, keeping me updated with information about Courses I wanted to obtain and give me an advice concerning my future curricula. If you a looking for a good possibility to study abroad and want to have the ability to get high-quality education - I recommend it to you!

    • Anippe Hatem

      Egypt, School of Humanities, Second-Year Student

      The admission manager of The European International University was so attentive to me and helped me to solve all my problems concerning my transfer process. I was nervous about selecting my future specialty, curricula, and all the technical equipment I need for the studying process. But I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and speed of services, manager picked up a convenient schedule for me and provided me with access to all sources of information I need. Very well recommended!

    • Szilvia Vass

      Hungary, School of IT, Freshman

      When I arrived at the IEU University in Poland I was amazed by the quality of the accommodations and the campus - they are incredible! The admission manager was so attentive and convinced me that I would be pleasantly surprised by the quality of education and the amount of technical equipment of the university - and he was right! The European School of IT prepares a high-level technologist and I am pleased to be in this place and to be a student of the IT school at The International European University in Poland!

    • Kojo Owusu

      Ghana, School of Languages, Third-Year Student

      My personal manager who was working with me is very professional, patient, and highly qualified. I got admission into the university of my dreams, the European School of Languages. Working with the IEU has been one of the best decisions of my life. It was such a great experience meeting and working with a lot of professionals who understood my desires and financial expectations. I totally recommend this team to everyone who is trying to find the best future for themselves!

    • David González

      Spain, School of Law, Freshman

      The international department staff in IEU was so considerate and kind to me. They helped me with my document validation and did all the paperwork. It was so lovely and pleasant and I was amazed by their knowledge of administrative processes and procedures. I highly recommend The IEU if you are in search of an attentive and respectful attitude to you as a student!

    • Rishi Sen-Sharma

      India, School of Life Sciences, Fourth-Year Student

      I was so pleased by the support of the International department staff. They helped me with understanding all admission processes and guide me in all paperwork, so I was calm about all my documents. I think that studying at International European University in Poland is a great opportunity to get acquainted with European culture and traditions, receive a high-quality education, and have an unforgettable experience!

    • Yusuf Alli

      Nigeria, School of Medicine, Second-Year Student

      I always wanted to become a doctor and I realized, that the IEU in Poland is the place where my dream can come true. They have all the needed equipment and facilities, to develop my skills and get new knowledge. I was amazed by the Simulation Centre and new laboratories – they are awesome. University’s transfer manager helped me during my admission process and was very polite. I definitely recommend it to all young people!

    • Claudia Schneider

      Germany, School of Medicine, Fourth-Year Student

      The IEU transfer manager is so supportive, polite, and attentive. They helped me to choose a convenient study program, gave me an advice concerning the transfer process, and helped me transfer all my credits from my previous place of study. That's why if you are looking for educational institutions which will do their best for you - the International European University is the right place for you!

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