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    About Marketing Course

    The degree course of Marketing at the International Europen University, Poland is provided at the first (Bachelor of Arts in Marketing) and Second (Master of Arts in Marketing) levels of higher education. The Marketing program aims to provide international students in Poland with an in-depth understanding of how to develop marketing strategies. Marketing is a field of study and practice focused on identifying and satisfying the needs and wants of customers through the creation, promotion, and distribution of goods and services. A Marketing course at the International European University, Poland is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to understand consumer behavior, develop marketing strategies, and effectively communicate with customers.

    ​​The aim of studying a Marketing course at the International European University, Poland is to prepare students for a career in the field of marketing, advertising, and related industries. Marketing courses at IEU, Poland provide students with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market research, product development, pricing strategy, distribution, promotion, and branding. By studying Marketing at the International European University, Poland, students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively analyze market trends, develop and implement marketing strategies, and communicate with customers. Students learn how to create and manage a brand, develop advertising and promotional campaigns, and use digital and social media platforms to reach target audiences.

    Name of the specialty – Marketing;

    Level of Higher Education – First (Bachelor of Arts in Marketing) and Second (Master of Arts in Marketing) level;

    List of specializations — Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Operations Management, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Management, Information Systems;

    The total amount of credits from the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System — 360 credits;

    The duration of studying – 4 years of full-time studying (Bachelor of Arts in Marketing) and 2 years of full-time studying (Master of Arts in Marketing).

    Educational Process

    International European University in Poland Business School aims to provide international students with invaluable knowledge and experience in Marketing using modern information technologies, software, and technical advancements. IEU, Poland uses European study plans and curricula, modernized classrooms, reading rooms, and all necessary equipment to make the educational process more comfortable and effective. In addition to lectures, students are engaged in class discussions where they can ask questions, clarify doubts, and share their perspectives on different topics. It helps the IEU, Poland students to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter by exploring it from different angles.

    Case studies at the International European University, Poland
    provide students with real-world examples of marketing strategies and campaigns. Students are required to analyze and evaluate these cases to gain a deeper understanding of the principles and practices of marketing. Practical projects allow students to apply the theories and concepts learned in class to real-world situations. These projects include creating a marketing plan for a new product, conducting market research, or developing an advertising campaign. The educational process for a Marketing course at the International European University, Poland involves a combination of classroom instruction, independent study, and practical application of knowledge and skills.

    • Being skilled in project management
    • Gain a systematic understanding of management-related problems, and conceptual tools for analyzing and evaluating management issues
    • Understand more about the historical, political, cultural, and institutional forces shaping modern business
    • Engage with case material in a stimulating learning environment
    • Gain the skills and competencies necessary for the development of your creative and decision-making capabilities
    • Receive excellent preparation for careers in business and management
    • Be able to tailor the degree in line with your future career aspirations by choosing a specialist pathway
    • Being able to plan, manage, and monitor projects from start to finish
    • Be familiar with various project management software such as Asana, Trello & Bootcamp, etc
    • Be able to generate reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, conversion rates, or social media engagement
    • Be skilled in data analysis and use advanced reporting tools such as Google Analytics or StatCounter
    • Understand how to use typography, layout principles, image placement, and color schemes to create an appealing website
    • Be comfortable with coding and be able to create attractive and functional websites using HTML/CSS/JS
    • Know how to use frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation
    • Be familiar with various back-end technologies such as PHP or Ruby on Rails
    • Improving the visibility of a website through better positioning within search engine results pages (SERPs)
    • Know how to optimize a website for different search engines and understand how search engine algorithms work
    • Be familiar with paid search advertising
    • Be skilled in creating effective content and managing social media accounts
    • Be familiar with programmatic advertising methods such as programmatic buying or programmatic selling
    • Be familiar with various lead-generation techniques such as email marketing, social media advertising, or webinars
    • Be able to fluently write and speak in English
    • Be skilled in effective communication, including writing compelling blog posts, creating social media campaigns, and speaking at conferences
    • Have strong interpersonal skills
    • Being able to work well with others in a team setting and being able to manage difficult conversations
    • Be skilled in customer service, problem-solving, and conflict resolution
    • Be able to lead a team and possess strong leadership skills
    • Being able to set clear goals, manage expectations, and create a positive work environment
    • Be skilled in project management, team building, and developing business strategies
    • Have a deep understanding of business fundamentals
    • Understanding customer needs, competitor strategies, and the business landscape
    • Be skilled in financial analysis and be able to identify opportunity costs
    • Being able to prioritize tasks and stay organized
    • Be skilled in effective task management techniques such as Kanban boards or time-tracking tools
    • Being able to come up with original ideas, design compelling graphics, and write effective copy
    • Be skilled in problem-solving and have a keen eye for detail
    • Being able to build relationships and communicate effectively
    • Being able to prioritize tasks and think outside the box
    • Be skilled in effective decision-making methods such as heuristics or problem-solving
    • Be able to analyze data and use it to make informed decisions
    • Being able to understand how search engine algorithms work and how to measure the results of marketing campaigns
    • Be proficient in business intelligence (BI) tools such as Tableau or Power BI
    • Be skilled in data analysis techniques such as trend analysis or data visualization

    Compulsory Subjects

    The curriculum covers a comprehensive range of subjects. The major subjects (or modules) are:

    • Entrepreneurship and Business Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Management Communication
    • Computer Practice
    • Entrepreneurship and Business Management
    • Sales Management
    • Marketing Research
    • Marketing Principles and Practices
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Market Research
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Brand Management
    • Product Development and Management
    • Pricing Strategy and Management
    • Advertising and Promotion
    • Sales and Distribution
    • Digital Marketing and Social Media
    • International Marketing
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Marketing Communication
    • Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility
    • Services Marketing
    • Retailing and Channel Management
    • Marketing Planning and Budgeting
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Marketing
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Public Relations
    • Event Marketing
    • Sports Marketing
    • Luxury Brand Management
    • Cultural Marketing
    • Nonprofit Marketing

    Career Perspectives

    After finishing the educational professional program of the specialty «Management» specialists can perform professional work as:

    • Marketing Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Advertising Manager
    • Product Manager
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Social Media Manager
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Sales Manager
    • Public Relations Specialist
    • Account Executive
    • Content Marketing Manager
    • Marketing Communications Specialist
    • E-commerce Manager
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
    • User Experience (UX) Designer
    • Web Analyst
    • Media Buyer
    • Event Planner
    • Customer Relationship Manager
    • Marketing Consultant
    • Business Development Manager
    • Creative Director
    • Copywriter
    • Art Director
    • Graphic Designer
    • Video Producer
    • Brand Strategist
    • Market Analyst
    • Pricing Analyst
    • Channel Manager
    • Retail Manager
    • CRM Analyst
    • Market Research Manager
    • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
    • Growth Hacker
    • Digital Analyst
    • Market Development Manager
    • Community Manager
    • Marketing Automation Specialist
    • Influencer Marketing Specialist

    Why Obtain a Marketing Degree in Europe?

    If you’re looking to study Marketing in Europe, the International European University in Poland is an excellent option for international students. Our Business School is consistently ranked among the TOP-10 Business Schools in Europe, and the quality of education is top-notch. Studying Marketing at IEU, Poland offers a fantastic opportunity to obtain a high-quality degree from one of the best universities in the EU.

    IEU, Poland international students gain access to award-winning teaching methods and internationally recognized qualifications used worldwide. Pursuing a degree in Marketing from IEU, Poland involves practicing business skills through various classroom discussions, group activities, and individual assignments. By studying Marketing at IEU, Poland, students acquire the skills and knowledge to identify and evaluate new business opportunities.

    Career Perspectives in Europe
    Earning a degree in Marketing at IEU, Poland can prepare you for various career opportunities in the public and private sectors. Graduates can find work in Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations Management. Graduates with a Marketing degree from the IEU, Poland are in high demand across a range of industries, including Advertising, Public Relations, Market Research, and Product Management. A degree in Marketing can help IEU, Poland students stand out from other job candidates and increase their earning potential.

    Application Process for Marketing in Europe
    The application process for a Marketing degree at International European University in Poland is easy and fast compared to other European universities. International students are provided with full support while collecting the necessary documents, submitting their application, and obtaining the Student Visa.

    Rich Cultural Experience in Europe
    International students of IEU, Poland are always amazed by Polish culture rich in history and tradition. Country discovery is always an eye-opening experience for students who have never left their home country before. Students have the opportunity to travel around Europe during their time abroad, which allows them to see how other cultures live and what they value most about life. Obtaining a Marketing Degree abroad offers some unforgettable experiences students will never forget! For example: visiting museums or historical sites; tasting new foods from around the world; learning how people celebrate holidays differently; meeting new friends from all over the world who share similar interests, and many more!