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Learning Assessment of Business School

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    Learning Assessment of Business School

    An examination is an important part of higher education. The measurement of student learning through assessment provides useful feedback to both instructors and students about the extent to which students are successfully meeting the Business course e-learning objectives of the European School of Business. An examination at the International European University in Poland is used as a control to qualify international students and as an educational tool to influence the learning process enhancing effective training of specialists in the field of Business and Management in Poland. The form of examination at the IEU in Poland is set by academic regulations and cannot be changed without approval by the board of studies. The form of examination constitutes a framework for planning and delivering teaching at the European School of Business.

    The International European University in Poland is a university of opportunities for international students searching for Business degree programs in Poland to study Business Administration, Finance and Banking, Maketing, Accounting and Audit, International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Economics in Poland, who want to get modern and recognized around the globe international degrees and explore future opportunities in Poland and worldwide. Before foreign exchange and study abroad students of the IEU in Poland obtain degrees, their level of knowledge and skills received at the European School of Business should be examined. Students need to submit the following:

    • Current survey
    • Knowledge tests
    • Forming Marketing skills
    • Presentations
    • Practice reports
    • Progress tests
    • Writing scientific articles based on research results
    • Summative assessment – credits, differential tests, oral and written exams

    There are two main types of assessment used at the European School of Business: summative assessment and formative assessment. The formative assessments take place during a course, while summative assessments are the final evaluations at the course’s end. Formative assessments include quizzes, games, projects, presentations, and group activities. They show how useful students are engaged in acquiring knowledge and solving teamwork studies while earning Degree in Business at the IEU in Poland. International students of the European School of Business rely on multiple feedback pieces of information from formative assessments to evaluate their knowledge and improve their practical skills. Summative assessments are evaluations of what students of the European School of Business have learned throughout the Business courses. Common summative assessments include exams and projects.

    Written exams include short-answer questions, questions, essay questions, and multiple-choice tests. Short-answer questions test how students recall specific facts. Questions are given to students to check how students pursuing high-quality on-demand courses in Business at the European School of Business can explain the meaning of concepts. Essay questions give a better assessment of how students have understood a subject and their ability to apply their knowledge and do analysis, comparison, evaluation, and synthesis. In multiple-choice tests, the students select the answer from several alternative answers (usually 4-5) for each question. These types of tests mainly focus on detailed knowledge.

    Oral exams involve the student’s oral response to exam questions or assignments. Oral exams allow the examiner and the examinee to have a conversation or discussion about a given topic. Oral exams give students passionate about obtaining Business Degrees in Poznan a chance to demonstrate their abilities and knowledge concerning academic objectives.

    Final assessment – licensed integrated examination, practical examination, international examination on the basics of Business course, and English language of professional orientation. After successful completion of examinations students of the International European University in Poland are allowed to participate in international programs, and student exchange programs in Europe and do internships in Poland and other European countries.

    Objective and subjective assessments are also widely used by teachers of the IEU in Poland to evaluate student learning. All the study programs of the European School of Business are offered following the highest international standards. Objective assessments, such as multiple-choice tests and fill-in-the-blank exercises, are used to measure students’ knowledge and understanding of specific facts and concepts. Facts, processes, and memorized skills are all easily assessed with objective assessment Subjective assessments require students to apply their knowledge and demonstrate critical thinking skills. Subjective assessments at the European School of Business include essays and oral presentations. These assessments at the International European University in Poland are typically graded based on the quality of the student’s work, rather than on specific correct answers. Subjective assessments assess critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, and are used to evaluate complex tasks and projects.

    An authentic assessment at the European School of Business evaluates if the student can successfully transfer the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to various contexts, scenarios, and situations beyond the classroom. Authentic assessment helps students to see how real-life conditions or situations, in all their unpredictability, ambiguity, and complexity, affect their theoretical knowledge. As they draw together their knowledge and skills to engage productively and solve problems, their behavior clearly shows both staff and themselves the level of capacity or competency they have gained by taking Business courses at the European School of Business. International European University in Poland is the best option for international students seeking to pursue Business courses in Poland. Authentic assessments at the European School of Business include such assessment techniques as presentations, simulations, role-plays, team projects, debates, discussions, etc

    The International European University in Poland is truly a global university, contributing to the world, through global partnership, community, and exchange. Part of a student’s learning experience at the European School of Business is to actively participate in group activities, group projects, and group presentations. To find out how well each of the students performed in the group students are asked to assess each other’s performance. In addition to this, each group member could also reflect on their performance within the group. Working in groups is an essential channel to self-assessment and peer assessment to take advantage of own strengths and overcome own weaknesses.

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