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Construction Engineering

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    About the Construction Engineering Course

    The degree course of the Construction Engineering specialty is provided at the first (Bachelor of Science Construction Engineering) and Second (Master of Science Construction Engineering) levels of higher education. European School of Construction Engineering at International European University, Poland is dedicated to providing the highest quality education in Engineering sciences by offering a dynamic study environment with well-equipped scientific labs. Responsible for infrastructure on a large scale, construction engineers are involved in the design and development of everything from the new village hall to the national energy supply. Combining the theoretical and practical knowledge of engineering at IEU, Poland graduates become highly specialized experts who have mastered the planning, budgeting, management, and analysis of projects large and small.

    Construction Engineering students at the IEU, Poland learn how to contribute towards developing beneficial products, learn how to communicate their findings to the general public, and eventually market their engineering products and set up their own companies. Educational qualification in Construction Engineering from the International European University, Poland can earn placements in scientific laboratories run by the government and the corporate sector. Private sector placements are in both technical and managerial positions. One of the key aspects of the Construction Engineering course at the International European University, Poland is the application of engineering principles to construction projects. This involves analyzing the forces and stresses acting on a structure and designing the structure to withstand these forces.

    Name of the specialty – Construction Engineering;

    Level of Higher Education – First (Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering) and Second (Master of Science in Construction Engineering) level;

    The list of specializations and educational programs — Building Information Modeling, Construction Management, Sustainable Construction, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering;

    The total amount of credits from the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System — 240 credits;

    The duration of studying – 4 years of full-time studying (Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering), and 2 years of full-time studying (Master of Science in Construction Engineering).

    Educational Process

    The Construction Engineering degree program at IEU, Poland aims to train construction engineers capable of covering technical functions in the field of Construction Engineering projects, collaborating with the preparatory activities and documentation, working as a team in the executive phases of worksite organization, and collaborating in ordinary or extraordinary maintenance activities on facilities and infrastructures. The International European University, Poland course aims to provide a methodological education, with a depth study of mathematics, physics, chemistry, information technology, and specific knowledge of the disciplines related to Construction Engineering. Graduates from IEU, Poland can solve different problems and issues in the field of Construction Engineering. An online mode of study at IEU, Poland is available for all students. The online Construction Engineering degree is the ideal solution for all students, in particular for those unable to attend a traditional university.

    Construction Engineering Course at the International European University, Poland is a highly interdisciplinary field combining principles of Engineering, Architecture, and Management to create safe and sustainable structures. The IEU, Poland curriculum includes courses in Mathematics, Physics, Materials Science, Construction Materials, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Management, and Project Management. Construction Engineering graduates have a range of career options available to them in industries such as construction, engineering consulting, architecture, government, and transportation. The IEU, Poland curriculum covers a broad range of topics related to the design, construction, and management of civil engineering projects. At the International European University, Poland students learn how to analyze the behavior of various structural elements and how to design structures to withstand various loads and environmental conditions.

    After graduating students are able:

    • Gaining basic knowledge focused on mathematical analysis, geometry, and physics to understand and describe Construction Engineering problems
    • Gaining an appropriate acknowledgment of the Construction Engineering sciences with the ability to identify, formulate, and solve problems using updated methods, techniques, and tools
    • Using techniques and tools for components, systems, and planning in Construction Engineering
    • Acquiring basic cognitive tools required to keep knowledge updated in Construction Engineering
    • Having computer knowledge aimed at improving the Construction Engineer’s integration skills into the overseas working environment
    • Using technical language to communicate with specialists in Construction Engineering
    • Reading and understanding the contents of urban planning tools
    • Knowing the origin of urbanism, its evolution, and its most common tools
    • Recognizing the historical and environmental elements of the territory in Construction Engineering
    • Knowing the design techniques, from the description to the survey and the modeling of buildings in Construction Engineering
    • Being able to set out Construction Engineering structures
    • Implementing a planimetric and altimetric survey in Construction Engineering
    • Developing good skills in Technical drawing for Construction Engineering
    • Performing static calculations for concrete structures using standardized methods in Construction Engineering
    • Leading collaboration with professionals across the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) community to improve the project delivery process
    • Engaging ethically in professional practice in Construction Engineering
    • Demonstrating lifelong learning skills through certifications, professional development, and registration as appropriate for their employers
    • Addressing sustainably the needs of society through the built environment in Construction Engineering
    • Successfully balancing technical aspects of engineering and practical applications of construction in Construction Engineering
    • Valuing diversity and being inclusive within the work environment in Construction Engineering
    • Developing and conducting appropriate experimentation, analyzing and interpreting data, and using engineering judgment to conclude in Construction Engineering
    • Recognizing ethical and professional responsibilities in engineering situations and making informed judgments to consider the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts
    • Having an understanding of the interaction between technical and environmental issues and the ability to design and construct environmentally friendly engineering works in Construction Engineering
    • Understanding the elements of project and construction management of complex engineering works in Construction Engineering

    Compulsory Subjects

    The International European University, Poland curriculum covers a comprehensive range of subjects. The major subjects (or modules) are:

    • Introduction to Construction Management and Engineering
    • Construction Documents and Codes
    • Construction Surveying
    • Construction Graphic Communications
    • Financial Cost Concepts for Construction Managers
    • Construction Technology and Equipment
    • Pre-Construction Management
    • Specifications and Contracts
    • Construction Estimating: Quantities and Costs
    • Scheduling and Project Control
    • Construction Support Operations
    • Construction Design Capstone
    • Civil Engineering Materials
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Soil Mechanics
    • Structural Engineering and Analysis
    • Sustainable Design and Construction
    • Bridge Engineering and Management
    • Bridge Evaluation and Rehabilitation
    • Design of Site Erosion Control
    • Reinforced Concrete
    • Water Resources and Supply
    • Design of Pre-stressed Concrete
    • Slope Stability and Retaining Walls
    • Pavement Design
    • Open Channel Flow
    • Timber and Form Design
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Structural Steel Design
    • Foundation Engineering
    • Designing with Geosynthetics
    • Water Quality Management
    • Engineering Mechanics
    • Mechanics of Materials
    • Introduction to Linear Algebra
    • Calculus
    • Multivariate Calculus
    • Introduction to Differential Equations
    • Business Law I-Contracts, Property, and Torts
    • General Chemistry
    • Business and Professional Writing
    • Writing in the Technical Professions
    • Ethics, Engineering, and Technology
    • Physical Geology
    • The Earth Through Time
    • University Physics
    • Introductory Statistics

    Career Perspectives

    After completing the professional education program of the specialty «Construction Engineering» at IEU, Poland a specialist can perform professional work as:

    • Construction Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Site Engineer
    • Structural Engineer
    • Civil Engineer
    • Architect
    • Facilities Manager
    • Building Inspector
    • Construction Estimator
    • Construction Superintendent
    • Field Engineer
    • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Coordinator
    • Sustainability Consultant
    • Geotechnical Engineer
    • Environmental Engineer
    • Safety Manager
    • Cost Engineer
    • Contract Administrator
    • Procurement Manager
    • Materials Engineer
    • Quality Control Manager
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Electrical Engineer
    • Plumbing Engineer
    • Fire Protection Engineer
    • Building Code Consultant
    • Construction Claims Consultant
    • Forensic Engineer
    • Construction Lawyer
    • Project Controls Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Training and Development Manager
    • Financial Analyst
    • Investment Analyst
    • Real Estate Developer
    • Property Manager
    • Operations Manager
    • CEO/Executive Director

    Why Obtain a Construction Engineering Degree in Europe?

    If you’re looking to study Construction Engineering in Europe, the International European University in Poland is an excellent option for international students. International European University, Poland Architecture and Engineering School is consistently ranked among the TOP-10 Engineering Schools in Europe, and the quality of education is top-notch. Studying Construction Engineering at IEU, Poland offers a fantastic opportunity to obtain a high-quality degree from one of the best universities in the EU.

    IEU, Poland international students gain access to award-winning teaching methods and internationally recognized qualifications used worldwide. Pursuing a degree in Construction Engineering from the International European University, Poland involves the planning, design, construction, and management of infrastructure and building projects. It combines principles from Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Project Management to create functional, safe, and sustainable structures.

    Career Perspectives in Europe
    Pursuing a Construction Engineering Degree at the International European University, Poland can prepare you for various career opportunities in the public and private sectors, such as planning, design, and construction of buildings, bridges, highways, airports, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects. A Degree in Construction Engineering from the International European University, Poland can also increase students earning potential and help them stand out in the job market.

    Application Process for Construction Engineering Degree in Europe
    The application process for a Construction Engineering degree at International European University in Poland is easy and fast compared to other European Engineering universities. International students are provided with full support while collecting the necessary documents, submitting their application, and obtaining the Student Visa.

    Rich Cultural Experience in Europe
    International students of IEU, Poland are always amazed by Polish culture rich in history and tradition. Country discovery is always an eye-opening experience for students who have never left their home country before. Students have the opportunity to travel around Europe during their time abroad, which allows them to see how other cultures live and what they value most about life. Obtaining a Construction Engineering Degree abroad offers some unforgettable experiences students will never forget! For example: visiting museums or historical sites; tasting new foods from around the world; learning how people celebrate holidays differently; meeting new friends from all over the world who share similar interests, and many more!

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