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    Predeparture Briefing

    Pre-departure briefings are events run by International Department Staff in the home countries of our students worldwide, for anyone planning to study at the International European University in Poland. They are usually held for several hours and include talks and workshops that give our students the advice they need to start their international studies with confidence. We inform you about the most affordable tickets to Poland, provide you with information about the best flights and flight providers, and help book the appropriate flight. You should provide our representative with all information about arrival details: the flight number, date, time, and port of arrival at least a week before your arrival as soon as you buy tickets. The representative of IEU in Poland will meet you at the airport upon arrival.


    Be sure to contact a representative of our International Department in time, otherwise, without our representative at the airport, you will be deported back to your country according to the rules and regulations of the Immigration Authorities of Poland. Predeparture Briefings are a very important part of your successful and easy arrival so please do not ignore this opportunity! Always stay in touch with us so we could react quickly and on time.

    Arrival and Airport Pickup

    On arrival, the representative of the International European University will meet you at the airport and accompany you to the accommodation and to the university. The University will take care of the complete documentation process and make all the necessary arrangements for the successful start and completion of the chosen course. Just in case, we want to remind our international students that you have to have your travel documents on yourself at all times in order to avoid any confusion during the entrance checkups.

    We always do our best to find the most comfortable way for you to get to Campus. We always meet all our students at the airport and make all arrangements for transfer from the airport to the University. It is advisable to book the flights as soon as possible because the beginning of the academic year is a busy time to travel in Poland. One of our representatives receives the students at the airport. In case the student does not inform us about their arrival, they shall be deported back to their homeland. Our company announces the Migration Service of Poland with the official letter about your arrival at the airport. When passing the passport control at the airport the Border Service verifies if the official representative mentioned in your official letter is meeting you.


    Please, INFORM students to keep ALL their documents and money in hand luggage on a board in order not to lose them as it sometimes happens. Students should bring all the original documents which you sent us by E-mail and the Payment Check of the First Year Tuition Fee. IEU, Poland representative will meet you at the airport and transport you to your university. We will help you to register for the onboarding procedures of your university. We will also assist you with the followings:

    • Registering in a university’s dormitory;
    • Completing the admission process at the University;
    • Arranging medical check-ups;
    • Extending Visa from Head Office;
    • Registering students in the Immigration Department;
    • Legalizing all the documents;
    • Opening a local bank card and a SIM card for the phone calls;
    • Providing all necessary information about living and studying in Poland.
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