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    Compulsory Subject

    Studying curricula cover a comprehensive range of subjects. The major subjects (or modules) are:

    • Administrative Law (Role of Courts in Regulatory State; History & Modern Methods of Regulation, Study of Pathologies of Administration);
    • Criminal Law (Law and Personal Liberties, Transgressions, Rights, Liberties, and Responsibilities);
    • Evidence Law (Admissibility of Evidence in Courts, Testimonial Competence, Rule Against Hearsay);
    • Family Law (Issues of Divorce, Legal Support, Domestic Contracts, Matrimonial Property Rights, Custody);
    • Finance, Business & Accounting in Law (Basic Concepts of Business, Accounting, Management, Finance and their impacts on Law);
    • Health Law (Health Regulation, Medical Negligence, Bioethics, Information Privacy, Informed Consent);
    • Legal Ethics (Solicitor-Client Relationship, Conflict of Interest, Privilege & Confidentiality, Whistle Blowing);
    • Intellectual Property Law (Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, Competition);
    • Jurisprudence (Bodies of Jurisprudence-Formalism, Legal Realism, Topics in connection with Economics, Religion, Literature);
    • Labour & Employment Law (Economic Justice, Labour contracts, Employment Standards & Regulation, Unfair Labour Practices, Industrial Conflict);
    • Property Law (Real Property, Personal Property, Laws and Regulations);
    • Torts (Defamation, Economic Torts, Medical Torts, Damages);
    • Contract Law (Mutual Assent, Consideration, Breach, Bail, Damages);
    • Human Rights Laws (International Conventions, Detention, Exile, Racial Discrimination, Minorities);
    • Environmental Law (Environmental Regulations, Rights, Contemporary Issues);
    • History of Common Law (Development & Evolution of Civil & Criminal Procedure Code).