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    Career Perspectives

    In today’s competitive world an employer searches for the diversity in portfolios of its applicants. Being a foreign language professional or a multilingual person gives our graduates an edge over other competitors, language skills are in high demand in many sectors. With any foreign European language you can dive into the following career paths:

    • Foreign language translator. Due to the demand for content of different genres, and the absorption of global information via television, books, and audio, translators with a certain foreign language efficiency are hired for translating and editing.
    • Foreign language interpreter. Translator and interpreter are two different jobs. People tend to mix those jobs up. A translator is only writing-oriented and an interpreter is voice-oriented. They convert verbal speech or sign language from one language to another. This is also a high-paying job.
    • Diplomat. If you have the enthusiasm to represent your country globally, diplomacy is the right choice for you. The career prospects and the income within the diplomat department are high for foreign language professionals. Foreign Language School graduates work at any embassy as a diplomat or representatives.
    • Working in BPOs. Business process outsourcing is delegating one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that, in turn, owns, administrates, and manages them. BPOs are the fastest growing sector, their employees have excellent speaking skills and command over their voices. They deal with international clients every day, therefore there is a high demand for those candidates who have foreign language skills.
    • Tourist guide. If you aim to be a tourist guide, then the first necessary condition of this job is to know as many languages as possible. A tourist guide has to meet a lot of people daily with different cultural backgrounds. Creating communication and positive feedback with your clients is what a foreign language brings to you!
    • Foreign languages teacher. This job profile can bring your ambition to share knowledge with a lot of people to live. For example, if you have Arabic language proficiency, you can teach Arabic to local Arabic language learners. This can be done in all languages all over the world. This again is a high-paying profession and good for a language learner.
    • Military Linguist. If you meet the criteria for one of the many positions in the linguist field, the Army will pay you well for your skills. In addition to the standard benefits you would receive as a soldier — as a linguist you would also qualify for Foreign Language Proficiency Pay, which could add some income to your paycheck for each language you’re proficient in.

    Graduates are also able to hold following positions:

    • Interpreters;
    • Secretary-interpreters in managerial organizations;
    • Secretary-interpreters in industrial and commercial enterprises and firms;
    • Secretary-interpreters in information and advertising agencies;
    • Editors of social and political, scientific and technical literature;
    • Foreign language teachers;
    • Customer service representative;
    • Human resources specialist;
    • Foreign Service Officer;
    • International Travel Coordinator;
    • Product Localization Manager;
    • International sales marketing;
    • College Lecturer;
    • Linguistic Tour Guide;
    • Flight Attendant;
    • Brand Specialist;
    • Intelligence operatives or Government Agencies Specialist;
    • Research Analyst or Field Researcher;
    • Language Corporate Trainer;
    • Content Writer and Editor;
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