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    The European School of Humanity in International European University, Poland has always been evolving and a thriving degree to obtain for international students but at the same time challenging and competitive. Humanistic studies enrich the soul and make you a cultured individual. A humanistic education will help you understand, appreciate, and produce art, music, theatre, and literature.

    There are some of the benefits of graduating from European Humanity School that is worth the investment:

    • Individual approach to each student;
    • Full-time, part-time, and distance learning;
    • Teaching foreign languages;
    • Strong teaching scientific and pedagogical staff;
    • Opportunity for internships and internships abroad;
    • Mutual enrichment from learning with like-minded people – students, teachers, guests, foreign specialists, practitioners;
    • Use of interactive teaching methods and new information technologies to obtain new knowledge and skills during the studying process;
    • The widest range of choice of professions;
    • Access to a wide base of information resources;
    • Recommendations and promotion of employment of graduates;
    • International overseas studies programs;
    • Worldwide recognized University Degree;
    • Affordable higher education programs;
    • Postgraduate job prospects and Internships;
    • English-Medium Education System;
    • Modern renovated Students Campus;
    • The best E-Learning Online Platform;
    • Temporary residence card in Poland;
    • Permission for work during your study;
    • Professional teaching and research staff;
    • Easy and fast Admission Process;
    • No Entry Exams and tests are required;
    • Studying develops the ability to question, think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, make decisions and adapt to change;
    • Help to understand interventions and actions that can work with people to change to get better outcomes for individuals and for society;
    • Developing important skills such as persuasive written and oral communication, creative problem solving, teamwork, decision-making, self-management, and critical analysis;