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    About the Course

    Research at the School of Humanities focuses primarily on the interaction between culture, society, and business, which is examined from an interdisciplinary, international, and intercultural perspective. At the School of Humanities, we attach particular importance to the international orientation of our programs. We offer our students European education. The diploma of which is recognized worldwide. Also, International doctoral dissertations and research projects are an integral part of the School of Humanities.

    The humanities pursue the study of the human experience, past and present, encompassing the study of history and art history, languages and literature, philosophy, religion, and visual and dramatic arts. Our students learn skills in critical analysis, interpretation and argument, analytical writing, and oral presentation in both individual and collaborative undertakings. They investigate how societies, cultures, human values, and everyday experiences have been transformed, represented, and remembered over time.

    Name of the specialty – Humanities

    Level of Higher Education – First (Bachelor’s) and Second (Master, Ph.D., Doctorate) level

    The List of Specializations and Educational Programs – Art History, Classics, Comparative Literature, Drama and Music, English, Foreign languages, Gender Studies

    The total amount of credits of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System — 360 credits;

    The duration of studying – 4 years of full-time studying (Bachelor`s) and 2-3 years of full-time studying (Master, Ph.D., Doctorate).

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