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Data Science

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    About the Data Science Course

    The degree course of the Data Science specialty is provided at the first (Bachelor of Data Science) and Second (Master of Data Science) levels of higher education. The Data Science degree program at the IEU in Poland is an interdisciplinary field of study incorporating Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Business Management, and Social Sciences. The IEU, Poland educational program focuses on cutting-edge trends in data and provides students with a strong mathematics background to understand the details of how the data works. The staff of professionals of the European School of IT is ready to support international students’ needs providing a collaborative learning environment with quality interaction between faculty and students.

    The Data Science degree from the International European University, Poland teaches international students to apply data science methods in predictive modeling, data mining, data visualization, and big data. Participants of academic mobility programs and study abroad students of the European School of IT undertaking the Data Science program learn relevant computing skills, including machine learning and artificial intelligence elements, and gain experience using statistical software. Obtaining a degree in Data Science at the International European University in Poland is getting more and more popular among international students due to the wide range of career options, overseas internship opportunities, European exchange student programs, and high salaries upon graduation.

    Name of the specialty – Data Science;

    Level of Higher Education – First (Bachelor of Data Science) and Second (Master of Data Science) level;

    The list of specializations and educational programs – Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Statistical Analysis, Database Management, Business Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP);

    The total amount of credits of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System — 360 credits;

    The duration of studying – 4 years of full-time studying (Bachelor of Data Science) and 2 years of full-time studying (Master of Data Science).

    Educational Process

    The Data Science course at the European School of IT covers the core areas of mathematics, data science, data visualization, data analysis, machine learning, and deep learning. The Data Science study program is an ideal mix of theory and application using the R-programming language. Students gain a broad knowledge of computing and acquire data analysis skills, as well as comprehensive, practical problem-solving and analytical skills. The Data Science degree program at the IEU in Poland allows exchange and study abroad students to join internship programs, study abroad programs in Europe, and interactive online courses.

    The Data Science degree from the International European University, Poland is taught using a combination of interactive lectures, seminars, laboratories, practical classes, and group work. In the IEU, Poland students undertake individual research projects under the supervision of a faculty member. Working on Data Science projects helps students to develop real-world skills and showcase their expertise to potential employers. Practical classes are conducted in fully equipped IEU, PolandComputer Labs with a range of language compilers, databases, and other application software. The IEU, PolandCurriculum is taught by expert faculty with real-world experience ensuring students gain the competencies needed in the field of Computer Science. The staff of professionals of the European School of IT is ready to support international students’ needs providing a collaborative learning environment with quality interaction between faculty and students.

    Students can attend the lectures of famous specialists in Data Science, who can help them to become more confident and do their job professionally. IEU, Poland has its digital educational platform, which combines European Studying Curriculums and modern technical equipment. It helps IEU, Poland students quickly and easily learn new information required in their work process. University-renowned classrooms and reading rooms, IEU, Poland Library with thousands of books and scientific journals, and Digital IEU, Poland Library with access to electronic resources are freely accessible to students and staff at any time they need it.

    After graduating students are able:

    • Build and validate data modeling hypotheses for the various analytics initiatives
    • Gather, validate, process, prepare and explore data to find hidden insights and patterns
    • Analyse and interpret data patterns to extract knowledge, and generate effective recommendations
    • Apply knowledge in statistics and data mining to see beyond the numbers
    • Assess the quality of data and remove or clean data
    • Research and build data science and machine learning algorithms to solve various business problems
    • Collect structured and unstructured data
    • Collaborate with the product team and partners to provide data-driven solutions
    • Organise data into usable formats
    • Build predictive models
    • Build machine learning algorithms
    • Prepare reports for executive and project teams
    • Effectively communicate results, insights, and data-driven recommendations to stakeholders and executive leadership
    • Investigate additional technologies and tools for developing innovative data strategies
    • Discover trends and patterns, combine various algorithms and modules
    • Selecting features, building and optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques
    • Extending the company’s data with third-party sources of information when needed
    • Enhance data collection procedures to include information relevant to building analytic systems
    • Process, clean, and verify the integrity of data used for analysis
    • Creating automated anomaly detection systems and constant tracking of their performance
    • Set up data infrastructure
    • Develop, implement, and maintain databases
    • Architect, implement, and monitor data pipelines
    • Conduct knowledge-sharing sessions with colleagues to ensure effective data use
    • Support the data scientists, BI developers, and analysts team as needed for their projects
    • Work with the sales and pre-sales team on cost reduction, effort estimation, and cost optimization
    • Boost general effectiveness and performance, and stay current with the newest tools, trends, and technologies

    Compulsory Subjects

    The IEU, Polandcurriculum covers a comprehensive range of subjects. The major subjects (or modules) are:

    • Introduction to Data Science
    • Statistics
    • Mathematical Foundations of Data Science
    • Machine Learning
    • Data engineering
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Coding
    • Big Data Analytics
    • C Programming Language
    • Python Programming
    • Engineering Physics
    • Database Management
    • Data Warehousing
    • Algorithm Design and Analysis
    • Applied Mathematics and Informatics
    • Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data Mining
    • Deep Learning
    • Data Visualization
    • Cloud Computing
    • Data Structures
    • Matrix Computations
    • Linear Algebra
    • Scientific Computing
    • Scholastic Models
    • Predictive Analytics and Segmentation
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Information Security and Privacy
    • Stochastic Models
    • Inferential statistics
    • Regression and ANOVA
    • ETL and Data Ingestion
    • Data Model Selection and Evaluation
    • Discrete Structures
    • Computer Organization and Architecture
    • Web Technologies
    • Error Merix
    • Operating Systems
    • Principles of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • Software Engineering

    Career Perspectives

    After completing the professional education program of the specialty «Data Science» at an International European University, in Poland, specialists can perform professional work as:

    • Data Manager
    • Data Engineer
    • Data Mining Specialist
    • Data Architect
    • Data Strategist
    • Data Visualization Engineer
    • Analytics Engineer
    • Statistical Analyst
    • Data Privacy Analyst
    • Data Steward
    • Algorithm Engineer
    • Applied Scientist
    • Metrics Analyst
    • Statistician
    • Quantitative Analyst
    • Analytics Manager
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Financial Analyst
    • Operations Manager
    • Data Governance
    • Database Administrator
    • Solution Architect
    • Data Analyst
    • Operations Analyst
    • Product Analyst
    • Insight Specialist
    • Sales and Marketing Analyst
    • Risk Analyst
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • Mathematician
    • Machine Learning Engineer

    Why Obtain a Data Science Degree in Europe?

    The International European University in Poland is a perfect option for international students to study Data Science in Europe and discover an excellent opportunity to earn a Data Science degree from one of the best universities in the EU. The quality of education is on point as our IT School is consistently ranked among the TOP-10 IT Schools in Europe.

    IEU, Poland international students gain access to award-winning teaching methods and internationally recognized qualifications used worldwide. A degree in Data Science from the International European University, Polandinvolves studying how to use data to inform decisions, predict outcomes, and solve problems. By studying Data Science at IEU, Poland students can study how to collect and clean data, apply statistical and machine learning techniques, and communicate insights from the data.

    Career Perspectives with Data Science Degree in Europe
    Pursuing a Data Science Degree at the International European University, Polandcan prepares you for various career opportunities in the public and private sectors, including data analysis, business intelligence, data science consulting, or machine learning engineering. A Degree in Data Science from the International European University, Poland can increase students earning potential and help them stand out in the job market. t.

    Application Process for Data Science in Europe
    The application process for a Data Science degree at International European University in Poland is easy and fast compared to other European IT universities. International students are provided with full support along the way while collecting the necessary documents, submitting their application, and obtaining the Student Visa.

    Rich Cultural Experience in Europe
    International students of IEU, Polandare always amazed by Polish culture rich in history and tradition. Country discovery is always an eye-opening experience for students who have never left their home country before. Students have the opportunity to travel around Europe during their time abroad, which allows them to see how other cultures live and what they value most about life. Obtaining Data Science abroad offers some unforgettable experiences students will never forget! For example: visiting museums or historical sites; tasting new foods from around the world; learning how people celebrate holidays differently; meeting new friends from all over the world who share similar interests, and many more!

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