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Compulsory Subjects

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    Compulsory Subjects

    Studying curricula cover a comprehensive range of subjects. The major subjects (or modules) are:

    • Architectural, Engineering, and Computer Graphics
    • Informatics and Foundations of Computer-aided Design
    • Foundations of Ecology, Health, and Wellness
    • Descriptive Geometry
    • Foundations of Geodesy
    • Foundations of Structural Theory
    • Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
    • Architectural Materials Science
    • Constructions of Building and Structures
    • History of Architecture and City Planning
    • Architectural Design
    • Architecture Theory
    • Composition and Architectural Composition
    • Plumbing and Heating Installations of territory, Transportation
    • Construction Technology
    • Computer Modeling of Architectural Object
    • Economics of Architectural Design
    • Practical Foundations of Architectural Design of Industrial and Civil Structures
    • Practical Foundations of Architectural Design of Municipal Facilities
    • History of Arts: Visual, Decorative, Design
    • Practical Foundations of Architectural Design of Public Facilities
    • Plumbing and Heating Installations
    • Foundations of Reconstruction and Restoration of Structures
    • Foundations of Construction Economics
    • Architectural Constructions
    • Aesthetics of Architecture
    • Foundations of Technology of Design Project Realization
    • Procedure for Developing Specification Documents
    • Information Technologies in Architecture
    • Graphic Techniques in Architectural Design
    • Urban Sociology
    • Synthesis of Arts
    • Theory and Practice of Architectural Visualization
    • Engineering Equipment in Environmental Design
    • Intellectual Property
    • Management and Construction Management
    • Architectural Design in Environmental Design
    • Legislation and Architectural Design
    • Modern Problems of Architecture and Urban Planning
    • Methods of Scientific Research
    • Construction Management and Organization
    • Critique of Modern Architectural Theories
    • Conceptual Architectural Design
    • Architectural Ecology
    • Modern Constructions of Building
    • Foundations of System Analysis in Architectural Research
    • Aesthetics of Architectural Objects and Ecoethics in Architecture
    • Foundations of Typological Analysis in the Architecture of Buildings
    • Foundations of the Theory of Architectural Design
    • Stylistics of Modern Ukrainian and World Architecture
    • Architectural and Planning Organization of Transport Facilities
    • Foundations of Urban Rationing
    • Methodical bases of Reconstruction and Restoration of Objects of Sacred Architecture
    • Scientific Research in the Field of Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Objects
    • Methodical Bases of Reconstruction of Objects of Housing Purpose
    • Modern Technologies and Materials in the Reconstruction and Restoration of Facilities
    • Methodical Bases of Restoration of Internal Space of Objects
    • Methodical Bases of Reconstruction and Restoration of the Architectural environment of a Settlement
    • Regulatory Provision of Works on Reconstruction and Restoration of Objects
    • Theoretical Mechanics
    • Informatics (practicum)
    • Strength of Materials
    • Construction Mechanics
    • Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics
    • Construction Materials Science
    • Engineering Geology and Foundations of Soil Mechanics
    • Foundations of Ecology, Health, and Wellness
    • Construction Economics
    • Construction Production Technology
    • Structural Steel
    • Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation
    • Water and Sanitation
    • Urban Planning and Transportation
    • Engineering Geodesy
    • Electrical Engineering in Construction
    • Construction Machinery
    • The architecture of Buildings and Structures
    • Metal Structures
    • Reinforced Concrete and Masonry structures
    • Timber and Composite Structures
    • Bases and Foundations
    • Construction Organization
    • Engineering Mechanics of Fluids and Gas
    • Measurements and Standards
    • The architecture of Buildings and Structures (special course)
    • Technical Operation of Buildings
    • Metals and Welding in Construction
    • Erection and Installation of Buildings and Structures
    • Inspection, testing, and usage of Building Structures
    • Computer Design of Construction Processes
    • Computer Technologies of Engineering Calculations
    • Production center of the construction
    • Foundations of Technical Regulation in Construction
    • Strength of Materials (special course)
    • Structural Mechanics (special course)
    • Bases and Foundations (special course)
    • Foundations of design of Building Structures according to Eurocodes
    • Estimated Rationing in Construction
    • Pricing in Construction
    • Patent Practice
    • Construction Economics (special course)
    • Construction Management (special course)
    • Foundations of Management of Construction Companies
    • Foundations of Management and Marketing
    • Management in Construction
    • Examination of Design Documentation in Construction
    • Regulatory Support of the Construction Industry
    • CAD in Construction
    • Energy Efficiency of Building Structures
    • Construction Organization (special course)
    • Construction Technology (special course)
    • Testing of Building Structures
    • Mathematical Analysis. Mathematical Methods and Models
    • Foundations of Topography
    • Foundations of Geodesy
    • Foundations of Cartography
    • Foundations of Digital Cartography
    • Foundations of Engineering Geodesy
    • Foundations of Photogrammetry
    • Digital Photogrammetry Technologies
    • Computer-generated Graphics
    • Construction Production Technology
    • Global Navigation Systems
    • Land Protection and Monitoring
    • Foundations of Land Cadastre
    • Foundations of Land Management
    • Foundations of Geoinformatics
    • Electronic Geodetic Instruments
    • Higher Geodesy
    • Satellite Geodesy
    • Instrumental Geoinformation Systems
    • Foundations of Construction Economics
    • Engineering Geodesy
    • Engineering Land Infrastructure
    • Geospatial Databases
    • Investment Analysis of Urban Planning
    • Urban Planning Cadaster
    • Information Analytical System of Urban Planning Cadastre

    The Technologies

    • 3D Printers
    • Screwdriver
    • Digital force gauge
    • Graphing calculator
    • Vibration isolators
    • Semiconductor process systems
    • CAD software
    • 3D printing software
    • Visual Basic for Applications
    • Bore Gauges — Telescopic
    • Calipers
    • Centre & Edge Finding Sets
    • Combination, Protractor & Depth Gauges
    • De-burring Tools
    • Dial Indicators
    • Dividers
    • Engineer’s Levels
    • Engineer’s Scrapers
    • Engineer’s Scribers
    • Engineer’s Squares
    • Engineer’s Straight Edges
    • Magnetic Tools
    • Micrometers
    • Punches
    • Reamers
    • Rivet Set (Set & Snap)
    • Screw Extractors & Bolt Grips
    • Silver Steel
    • Taps & Dies
    • Thread Restoring
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